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Release Date — Febrary 2019

Recorded at Norway’s Ocean Sound Recordings in July, 2018
Additional instruments (guitars, strings) were recorded in St Petersburg, Russia and Toronto, Canada

"I wanted to make the album a combination of various elements: it’s an experimental chamber work, perhaps. Despite the occasionally dark overtones, there are also elements of Russian pop and rock. The LP contains nine tracks built around my vocals and a piano; they’re supported by violins, an organ, clarinet, and electric guitar. Plus my rhythm section — of missing bass and drums! The songs were all composed in the last few years. They’re explicit in content and sad in tone. You might recognize the heritage of Russian rock of the ‘80s and ‘90s, but only in passing. These tracks aren’t as rough; they’re more lyrical, even classical. Sometimes they’re wholly unpredictable!"

"The album overall takes one of the tracks as its title. It represents a typical member of my generation, somebody who might consider themselves a ‘stepping stone or halfway step.’ In that particular song — in fact, in all of them — I continue to push against the limits of any one concept. I’m giving voice to things we all experience: tears, grief, consolation, and the search for encouragement.";

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