KUBIKMAGGI is puzzled to recollect the dates, neglects its chronology and practically is not able to count, due to long term collaboraton with changing meters. The band’s style of play is musical terrorism and jazz-punk, perpetual experiments on the musical instruments and the means of expressiveness on the whole. The concentration of musical ideas in every square centimeter of sheet music amounts regularly to deadline. Hence, the band’s name (translates as «Maggi cube»). Any song of KUBIKMAGGI with the right concoction could make a whole album of full-fledged music.

Compassion to listeners is foreign to KUBIKMAGGI. The artists replace it with self-deprecating humor, irony that melts into grotesque. Every nine of ten listeners are smiling, every five of them unable to apprehend what is going on. In attempt to understand it they keep coming to concerts again and again, this is the way the addiction to the musical concenrtate evolves and this is the way KUBIKMAGGI works.

All the members of the band have educated skills in music and experience in performing on stage as members of other bands. None of the artists is registered in out-patient psychiatric facility. None of the artists can be admitted mentally competent by a right perfunctory inspection.

Enjoy the music!

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